Sunday, October 29, 2006

Song of Allah!!

What a beautiful and divine experience. One of the best spiritual retreats of my life. The soul sang, danced, and reached heaven, touched the home and bent down in love and joy, with all the due respect to the mother of all, the creator of all, the sustainer of this space, the Universal Spirit, the Cosmic Center from where all the souls arrive and depart. In that moment, the allah, the jesus, the krishna, everything is one and the same. "The Omen", "Allah oh Akbar", "Hare Krishna Hare Rama", they all mean the same, they all vibe the same energy and it is a point of convergence of all the souls in this material world.

Today my soul sang the song of Allah for the first time in my life, the soul probably in its past existences had opportunities to associate or be part of the groups of the messiah, but today to my knowledge, this soul that had been thirsty and curious to chant the name of Allah, had finally been quenched. Also this soul, had been wanting to be part of another marvel of creation of this universe, "Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi", the Poet of heart. This person came into my life at various points when I was trying to understand love, but today it is so special that destiny finally brought me close to him, to his soul and other souls that live and love his life and ways of expressing and sanctifying soul.

Today is momentous in my life, that finally I am seeing what I have been vibing inside for a long time. The Mirabhai's bhajans and poems were recited as we all souls were dancing to the lyrics of Rumi, and sounds of Mowlana on silent drums and the bands that are as subtle and tender as a baby's touch of skin. The sensitive sounds emergin of the skin of these drums along with the voices of soul, echoed at RoundHouse, Vancouver to lift the spirits of the land to the heavens. The material disappeared into the silence of the night, the bodies melted into their spirits and the minds vaporized into the plasma state of universal medium. At this moment Rumi's soul probably wavered around us and became part of all the souls dancing around. The 45 minute nirvanic dance and music, pulled many a soul to be part and energize their inner self and liberate and shed the skins of materialism and egos. For a moment, all the souls hand in hand, heart in heart, the energy forming a continuous strands of love and joy, encircled the painting of the chakra.

The unforgettable event with words of Allah, Il-ilahi, Bismillah, moving on everyone's lips of heart, as Leslie Stanick, depicted on the paintings she had done as a tribute to Rumi’s work, displayed in the Sacred space in RoundHouse, and my soul completely drenched in joy and mist of Pure Spirit.