Monday, July 16, 2007

Melting Mind

My Journey with divine has been very interesting, a blend of ego and Doubt mixed with Faith and Love. What a roller coaster ride it is!
Inspite of feeling the divine energy in various forms and actions in this material world, My Ego mind sees you as a normal human.
It forgets to go beyond the harshness and wounds of life, that are the stepping stones to the eternity of Liberation.
Especially the wars on my humanity and personality that have left the scars of failure and turmoil? Is it a test for my Ego?
I go through a range of emotions, from pain, with drawl into myself like a little kid who is little pissed with his parents with locked lips and droopy face

Then after a few minutes, the introspection kicks in, the question of “What is HE angry about?”, “What is HE not happy about?”.
But that questioning triggers twists of events. It is that fraction of moment that can transform a person either into a saint or a sinner.
You see, how Stupid is human mind!
Every saint and sage from the ages of stone, have written endless pages of agony of mind and the poison of its egocentric pangs, from Rumi, to Thyagaraja to Annamayya and Ramadasu.
The same way they have pleaded to the divine energy innumerable times to surrender their ego to the Gods of Heavens, I do the same today.
Under your able guidance I am put to the test of Fire.
I am sure, I will come out as an ‘Agnihotri’ and that moment would be the end of the life time,
because to be sanctified completely by the egoless mind, is journey of a life time for ordinary mortals like me.
I look at my own Ego with humiliation.
At crossroads of confusion like this, the Divine energy instantly seeps into the crevices of Minds gyrations and solves the Puzzles of Mind.
And the blossoming Soul, instructs my mind to surrender and flow with the divine energy. This process is the Melting of the Mind.
At this moment of surrender, the tears of heart flow through the eyes and the Mind drowned in the abyss of blissful honey.

Thanking the Supreme for accepting me as a disciple and allowing me to grow and evolve as a spiritual being, is the least I could do.
Heart melts in joy of surrender to the innocence of silent eyes of creation and the love flowing through every being.

Human Mind is always looking for judgments that have been made by people and that it wants to make about others.
That is its nature. Sometimes I feel the advancement of Mind in the animal species is a curse.
Why Did God create a Mind? Why could not have he created a Soul and Body and left us peaceful?
See, How brutal is human creation? If a single mind can do so many weird monkey jumps, Imagine, how the whole world, with a billion minds is juggling in the circus of darkness.
It is unfortunate that most of the humanity is stuck in the cyclones of mind and its thought waves. These waves engulf the soul and throw life into the hurricanes of disasters.
The climate of the Human is devastated by the Titanic waves of Ego.
How wonderful this universe would be with no Minds in Action, but just Souls in play?

The greatest test for the humanity is to Conquer this Ego. There are no prescribed books or standard degrees that are given to finish this course.
It is just the right guru and Serpentine Minds that goes to the school to learn, The school called “LIFE” and the Guru is “Divine Energy”.
Any number of words written on solving this puzzle is a waste, because it is just the experience that stands like a feather in the cap at the graduation of life.
The Spirit inside and the Guru outside are the sole witnesses to this transformation.