Thursday, January 25, 2007

Event analysis

In life we have many events happening and passing by. The first even of course starts with us forming an embryo in the mother's womb. The first 9 months of the life, is completely revolving around Mommy's activities and the baby is fed automatically by the system. Mother has no control over it. She is just physically eating food and automatically by some divine energy that food and energy is being transmitted into the baby. The baby is born and after that many events happen too. Parents raise the baby to become an adult. As far as my memory goes, I did not have any control over the events till certain phase of life, I would rather say till my adult hormones started flowing in my system. So until then life went on irrespective of I knew to control it or not. The events keep happening around us, even after that. But now, the EGO created by these hormones, forms a layer of cloud called "I did it, this is mine, That is mine". From this point on till the hormones fade off again and till the clouds of maya is gone, is the stage of samsara, where we are struggling and fighting for everything, in the name of "I". We totally forget the fundamental fact that events around us happen irrespective of the intervention from human side. The Judgment attitude prevails and people are pointing fingers at everyone and fighting in the name of right and wrong.

How can something change from not being under our control for a few years, to something under our control after few years? Isn’t it foolish to claim the responsibility for success and failure in the life’s events. Isn’t that Krishna says in the famous Indian Spiritual text “Bhagavadgita” – Do not claim sense of ownership towards anything in life.

But we suddenly start falling into Maya and keep judging situations, events and facts. Reasoning takes us all only a little far. A true Yogi is one who watches everything coming and going, but is still in every moment.

In an interesting perspective, the parents also need to learn a lot from this simple logic, the baby that had formed by the miraculous divine grace and grown into a 9 month old precious life, becomes an object of ownership to the extent that their control on the kids is seen at every level. They forget the simple fact that baby was very well taken by the same divine source for such a long time and shall be taken care even further, with or without interference from the parents. I just took parenting as an example here, but it applies to every single event occurring in this universe. We claim the responsibility and happy when successful and sad when fails. The one who stands all, is the perfect YOGI.