Monday, March 26, 2007

Warrior of Soul

Living a life at peace is a very simple and hard thing too. Peace is right here within in our heart. The moment we loose our place from the heart, and get into mind, the outside things come and bother. So always bring the mind into the heart.

That is where all these meditations and yoga help. They bring back attention to breath which comes from within between the chest in the heart and lungs. You are no more influenced by the changing external world like people’s moods, emotions, attitudes and actions. You will smile at everything that passes by.

The senses are always perceiving outside environment and giving feedback to Brain. The brain processes that information based on information inside, called “Experiences”. If an experience is not present, brain will create a new row in the database, based on a new animal instinct. And then it sends the signal back into the environment in form of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. This process is extremely fast and happens in a flash of a nano-second. If we keep reacting to every situation outside, we are to get tired one day, and this causes fatigue and we start falling apart. Because we have become too external, every change in the external environment effects us. And we all know very well, that, everything is changing every moment. So how can we depend on something that is changing and depend our life on it.

We humans have to be smart to let that information be gauged and not write any thing it wants in brain. That is where the weapon called “SOUL” comes in. Soul acts as a filter to what we are sending into us and how we respond to circumstances. Intially We have to be aware and quick in being watchful. But as we make this a habit of being aware, it becomes quite natural. Slowing down and watching, without any judgement helps a lot in this process. This non-judgemental attitude awakens the soul.

The strength of Soul is amazing, because it is a drop of Universal energy or so called Supreme consciousness that moves the whole universe and maintains the harmony. The Soul is made up of same material that holds the Earth in it’s proper place, that created Sun and that keeps the whole creation intact. Soul is Indestructible, untouchable and imperishable. It can act like a shield of a warrior, The way a warrior holds his shield and fights the war, same way we can hold our SOUL out there and deflect back any arrows and ammunition coming from all sides in form of Desires, Greed, jealousy and Anger (basically kama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha and maathscharyas), some arrows come from outside and some from within.

So my dears, awaken your SOUL. Build life on a strong foundation of Soul. It is the same soul that is in you, me and everyone around. So take advantage of that special skill Creation had given you, the most powerful shield called “SOUL”.
Many are fighting with the shields of Ego, Jealousy, Insecurity and Greed. Those shields do not live long, They perish within no time.
But the SOUL is self sustaining. It lived ages back, it is living now and it will live forever. You do not know how many births you have taken till now. You do not know how many births you will take in future. It is just like a tree creating a flower, fruit and then a seed within. Same with us. We are the fruits of this Universal tree. The body outside is the flesh of the fruit and will perish after some time, but the seed of us, the SOUL is ETERNAL. Soul, just like a seed of the tree, keeps going back to source and comes back again in different forms and ways. So use the Body of Fruit for giving service to others, just like plants and trees give us the delicacy of fruit and let the Soul liberate and go back to source.

But how do we elevate that soul, how do we bring that soul for our use. Well, It IS.
It is so close but so far.
The pranayama, art of living, meditations or any other way of Yoga has one and same goal. To bring back to center and awaken the soul and live with SOUL. This is rise of divinity. That is when we all become Gods or One with the Creation.

So my dears, practice pranayama, meditate every day for 30 minutes, find a nice Guru who can guide you, not in religion, but in spirit, in soul journey and embark on this beautiful journey called “Life on Earth”.

You might have traveled millions of light years, millions of planets, suns and moons and Earth is just another platform and you will catch another train from here and move to another universe soon. Before you board another train, walk around, wander around, look around the beauty of this planet, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Sun and Moon. You are actually on a vacation on this planet. Our insane human brains do not realize that, because our mind is trapped in EGO and unending desires. Caught in the desires and Ego we are chasing a never ending dream of illusion and in that Illusion we laugh and cry. We do not have ever lasting happiness. But when we liberate the Mind from EGO and Desires, the Lotus like Soul opens up and everything is eternally beautiful and happy. It is very subtle process. It is so simple but so hard.
Dears, All you have to do is, just let go and enjoy your vacation. What do you do when you go on vacation? You do not look around and get bothered by other people’s attitudes, you are eager to discover more, you are eager to adventure more, you want to take another hike, may be go to another beach, go take pictures of the place, eat good food at some nice place and rest. This planet Earth is like that. We are on a nice vacation, we can make every day a beautiful holiday. There is only Joy in here. You, Me and Everyone in this world have the ability to make this vacation beautiful.

Breathe deep, focus on your center, in your heart, and bring out the Atman (Soul) in you, Make it the Mahatma, because you are one too, Dear. Peace is your nature and nature of everyone. Everyone is on this journey. They are all trying to figure out the world. But some are able to identify it earlier than many more living at a lower level of consciousness. Like in a school, different people are at different classes, different grades and ranks. By hard work they all evolve, we all evolve. It is a communion of souls. As kids we do not get affected by others ranks or attitudes in class. Right! Because we do not have our Ego affecting us. All the kids in the class want to play and have fun, First rank and last rank, does not matter.

Same with school called “Life”, we are all in different classes, some with better rank, some understanding things in a better and faster way and some of them taking time. But we all are here to graduate in some form or the other and evolve into better beings and take off from this planet to other horizons.

Live with Soul and Love with Soul. Enjoy every moment of your stay in this universe. Become a lamp in life, the light is very small, but serves a bigger purpose.
We are all Warriors of Soul.