Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lack and Abundance

Lack and Abundance
Frustration is caused by the feeling of Lacking in us, The root cause of all problems in our lives. The moment we feel that "I do not have this" and then start attributing reasons for the sense of lack, causes severe anxiety. This anxiety causes frustration and depression.

But as humans we all go through the peer pressure, or we end up getting something when we want something else in life,. This mis-match of the expectations vs results causes the sense of lacking and ultimately the pain in life.

How do we solve it?

First knowing ourselves, helps us in finding out what we want. Most of the times in life, we tend to not realise what we are, what we like and just keep doing something, Then when we look back, we realise that it is not what we wanted to do or have. This feeling causes frustration. So knowing ourselves clarifies what we want. Once any person is clear about what they want , life becomes easy. Things infact fall in place naturally as we do not have to strive for them. They come naturally to us. But this fundamental aspect of knowing ourselves is a big challenge. How do we know what we like, unless we try something? Unless as a child we tried different sweets, or desserts, how do we know what is our favorite.
How do we know what to order when we go to a restraunt next time.

But life is not as easy or simple as choosing a dessert. We have years of education, careers we build, relationships we emotionally get involved. So, it is not easy to change these and jump into a new one, especially with so much of peer and societal pressures. It becomes even harder to get what we want. Society creates many hurdles in finding out our true selves. The real self is hidden, by the layers of conditioning, parenting, teaching and social pressures. But, we all end up realising at some point or the other, To be our real self, find our real self and ask what I really want.
The moment the answer is clear, we pretty much start our dreams coming true. There is no more starvation, there is no more feeling of Lacking.

The feeling of lacking also comes from peer pressure. I might not necessarily want a big house in the Manhattan downown, but because my friend has it, I some times can get pressured, and cause the sense of lacking. To overcome this, I need to be clear. What I like is a small beautiful home on an island and swing in the backyard. That is me, and the moment I realise that, I go about in creating that and no more worry about what I do not have, compared to my friend. So to be aware of whether the want or need is from within or induced by some external force is very essential. The only way to avoid peer pressure is to become Aware of thoughts that run in our mind. Always check and see if the thought is original or induced.

So Life's challenge is to keep eliminating these forces that influence us at a material level and cover up the peaceful inner self. To keep the inner self always active and watchful is the trick of the trade. Life becomes easier. Many times, the sense of not having comes and causes pain. But truly we all are gifted and we live in a universe of abundance. The universe has so much to offer us. But we forget that and keep sulking in the lacuna between what we have and what we do not have.
Again deeply seeing, that gap is nothing but illusive. It actually does not exist. It is created by the conditioning of the society. That gap is illusionary. So always, always be in touch with your inner self. It is very easy to get distracted. But try to be on track, on the track of life's journey.
Well, some times we do get off track, it is ok to do that, because they count as life's experiences. These life experiences are knowledge and we become better individuals. Knowledge is powerful. It is like, we end up trying out different sweets in a tray, but at the end the knowledge about all of them helps next time someone offers a tray of sweets, we know what to exactly pick.

Eliminate Lacking and Life is Full...just like the Nature and Universe live in thoughts of abundance.