Monday, October 30, 2006

Universe - Was Is Will

Universe is Non Judgmental. Till now, no human was ever able to find its origin, nor will ever find it. If there is something that is IMPOSSIBLE , it is IT, everything else is possible. All the science experiments to find out about it and the origins of it, is just a small drop in the ocean out there. Science would probably never ever get us there. But understanding can help. It can help us to an extent to see what Universe is. Even the experiences in life can help us broaden our vision and perspective about the mysteries of ways it work.
From time immemorial, Universe has been a self manifesting and self sustaining structure. It has been there, is there and will exist for time unknown. It is infact, beyond the space and time. It does not have any track of time, Time is just an understanding of us creatures to handle the our life in this universe well.

Universe is also a very self correcting machine, in the sense, it knows when to correct and when to let go, when to move, and when to demolish, when to abolish and when to create.
At a miniscule level, we all see the day to day events happening around us and get overwhelmed by those events and some times, stress out and that leads us into all kinds of dysfunctional dimensions. But the moment we start seeing things at a broader level, the understanding changes, and we figure out that there is some thing we all call “Bigger Picture”, to all these events happening in life and around us and at a universal level.

There are so many religious theories about origin of universe, and when the earth is going to perish and when the humanity is going to come to an end. But, those are just the ideas of the people who are spreading them, we ignorant humans blindly accepting those theories without doing any further inspection. Infact the answer for this is, "Introspection", like the famous spiritualists and philosophers say “It is all in the mind”. Yes, it is infact. The answers are their in the understanding of the mind. If we contemplate and go inside, we will find the answers.

But coming back to the Universal manifestations, the evolutionary theories, religious theories are pretty close to each other. This is reflected in another article that I had written “A Weird Analogy”. Both the sides come together and say that over a period of time, Earth goes through phases and evolutions. In the Hindu Mythology, they are called “Yugas” each yuga is associated with a God and Goddess called Avathar. So people believe that each of these yugas, start and as the bad keeps piling and growing up in the material world, the God comes down in a human form and resurrect the humanity. The similar theories exist in Islam, Christianity, Budhism, Sikhism, and so on. But the ultimate pointer is that, over a period of time, as the filth piles up, there is some form of energy that comes and does the cleanup.

The evolutionists come up with a very similar theory, that there were all kinds of creatures like Dinosaurs, and in the due course of time, there was a Volcanic eruption or a meteor hitting the earth and killed all the creatures and then new life started again and the evolution took place.

All the theories point to the same fundamental phenomenon, that universe knows, how and when it needs correction. It has its way of life, It is Intelligent, Far more intelligent than we humans. If we small specks of Flesh and blood are so smart to lead our lives and take care of ourselves, Don’t we think that Universe should be much more smarter than all of us together here, and the one force that has brought all of us here. Universe not only takes care of earth, but many more planets and galaxies, and stars out there. There is a reason for the formation of a new star, for a black hole and for our existence here. Like biological process in our human body, the universe is much larger process.

The answers to life and death, the pains and happiness, the sorrow and joy, all these are within the system. I once asked one of my spiritual friends “Why is there so much chaos in the world, created by us and by nature, For example, why did the people in Tsunami have to take the brunt, why did so many people suffer in an earthquake that hit Indonesia, AIDS in Africa, Drugs in America, Poverty in Asian countries, what sin did they do to suffer?”

The answer opened up my eyes, “Just like in a human body, all the cells are together performing so many functions and at the same time millions of cells are dying and a million are born, each one based on the situation and circumstance performing their duties and perishing.
In a similar manner, the Universe has a process running within, and we all are just small cells or even smaller than that contributing to something larger than life here on Earth. Our existance is beyond the flash of life on this planet."

Yes, this goes down deeper than what the above answer is at a logical level. It is about Acceptance of the events that happen around us. Just observing and keep doing our work. We all are performing our duties at any given moment of time and we switch roles and move on. Just the way cells are performing their duties and moving on, either dying, or transforming into something else. Accept everything that happens around us, and that each of us are performing what is programmed into us by the Universe. Universe is perfect and so we all are who are a subset of universe.

Understanding of the Universal Process, teaches us Acceptance, and in turn can make us lead better lives. Acceptance comes from Awareness, comes from observation, watching things slowly and being non- judgmental about events.

All these start making sense, when we go inside and look for answers, because we ourselves are manifestations of this Universal spirit covered with blood and flesh. Infact Acceptance and Understanding the nature of universal events go hand in hand.

Universe is absolute, It WAS, IS AND WILL.