Monday, November 06, 2006

Change your Lens

Life was and is an interesting journey. It teaches so many things as long as we are ready to slow down, observe and learn.

Many times there is conflict between us and the world around. That turmoil is actually within and, all the problems are in us. We see the world through those problems and experiences and form our own image of the world. If a person actually loves himself a lot, there is lot of love flowing through the thoughts. Everything around also looks loving and beautiful. Once he is accepting everything of himself completely, he accepts everything outside.

We have good and bad in all of us, But this person is accepting completely everything inside that exists. The Bad can be fixed once we are aware of that. How can one be aware of them? Only when we look inside and find them, both Good and Bad. Retain the Good and strengthen it and throw the bad. The moment we accept ourselves completely, BANG! We have no problems and painful experiences in us. When that happens, The Magic begins. Because, we are actually in love with our selves and our inner self. The feeling of Love and acceptance is what we are going to see the world with.

So we are now using the Lens of "Love and Acceptance" to see the world. We start accepting everyone around. You look at them and smile and walk. So, ACCEPT YOURSELF first, Fall in Love with your own creation and that feeling of Love lingers in the mind and soul which can be extended to the rest of the world.

Most of the times, we are in conflict with the world, people and circumstances around us. We hate some things and some people, and do not like their presence and we want to get away from them. Natural. But also to realize that world is made up of variety is also very essential. Just look at the whole food chain and natural evolution. We cannot say, “Only Lions can exist in the forest”, or “only beautiful Peacocks should be in the forest”. Nor we can say, 'we do not want Foxes and Hyenas and Vultures'. They all exist together and serve their purpose. Deer, cannot say "I hate lions". In such case, Lions would perish. That is Nature's creation, We accept it. Of course the Deer try to run and some survive and some perish. All part of the game of Life and Nature.

Most of us who say "I am suffering" actually are referring to lack of happiness and peace. The other day when I watched a Program on Dalai Lama, he was agreeing to the fact that the happiest people are the ones who are coming from poor classes of society. So the other people who are suffering around are actually not suffering because of lack of food, shelter or clothing. They are suffering because they are not happy, they are not at peace.

They are not at peace with themselves, with their minds and the vicious circle of meaningless desires
Interestingly, Peace is inherent in us. Every human is born in peace. Every child is considered a descendant of God’s blessing. As we grow up, we ignore that tender soul in us, and we are fighting with ourselves. Instead of going inside and finding our inner self and be in touch with our soul, we are looking for answers every where and pointing fingers and saying, "I do not like this, I hate them, I cannot stand this group. I cannot live with this person" and keep creating frustration or so called Negation state of mind and energy. In this process we have created a lens of negativity in front of our minds and anything we see in this world appears with the color of lens.

All our perceptions are just the experiences through which we watch the world. At least, most of the time, that is what we do. But the moment we get away from those experiences, we see things clearly not only outside, more importantly inside ourselves. Once we clearly see our inner self, accept that soul within all of us, we see that outside world also becomes beautiful, it is serene, calm and peaceful. Once we feel good about ourselves, we feel good every where, because our lenses are clean and clear now. No more influences. We start becoming immune to the surroundings and circumstances. This is typically a state of Yogi or a Saint, who can go beyond any polarities of life.

But, How does one accept oneself amidst, all the environmental influences, chaos from home, school, society. Everyone is trying to rub their philosophy on you. They want you to be their way, They like u only if u do things their way. That is where all the toughness is, that is the BIGGEST BARRIER, It is like a huge pile of mountain and u need to melt that mountain to find your real self and then you get to accept yourself.
But how do you find your real self and face it.
The secret for this is "MEDITATION".

The people who are happy, are the ones, who accept themselves first. That does not mean that they are correct. Right or Wrong are relative. For Deer, A Lion is wrong. For a Lion, Elephant can be wrong. But whatever they are, they are all part of creation. The same creation created me, you, and them too. So No Questions about existence. It is the Law of Nature.
The moment we accept ourselves, we are at peace and the moment we are at peace, we smile at everything. But it is a very easy and hard journey. It takes time and effort. Search for happiness and peace is within, never outside. So, Change the Lens now.

Next article we shall see what truly is Meditation. Until then keep accepting yourself...and see the world through a new lens.