Friday, November 10, 2006

Cosmic Purification

A seed sown in soil after interacting with the elements of nature and then going through Darwin’s check “Survival of the fittest”, and then starts to grow as a little plant, into a shrub and finally a tree. This tree takes all the brunt of nature in form of floods, earthquakes, fires, and human intervention. Apart from reaping the benefits of nature like getting air for free, water for free, soil for free it produces a beautiful flower, a tasty fruit or a nice and magnificent landscape.

If Trees had brains, they would have questioned a million times during their life time, during this endurance, during this “Suffering”, a very deceptive word coined by humans “Why is it me that has to undergo so much?”, “Why is it me to take all the brunt of nature and still produce the best for the other children of Mother Nature?” But see, the Tree, never ever thinks, why it has to go through the so-called ‘Suffering’.

An embryo is formed in the mother’s womb, from a single cell, multiple cells are formed and then from there a fetus and then a complete form, just like we all call them “babies”. How much did that mother endure to create a baby? How much did the baby suffer through to grow in the minimal space available hardly enough for it to move across, hardly enough to stretch in the evenings? The same baby after going through a process of changes comes out into this world after a process rightly named as “Labor”. The same baby when it is ready to eat, talk, walk, run, goes through so many tough stages, falls many times and gets up and again walks. But never ever complains about the falls, never see these things as sufferings. It views those sufferings as foot steps of its survival, as a process through which it reaches next level in life, to become better and do better. But we adults as we grow up, start using our mind in a way that we start viewing this process of evolution and learning in a negative manner, cribbing and complaining about life.

The most precious metal in this world for which every human soul on every corner of earth had waged wars, destroyed kingdoms, crossed the toughest nature barriers, The Gold, was and is never available as Pure Gold in nature. It’s original form called, “Ore”, has to undergo so many transformations to reach its final destiny to beautify people and places. It undergoes and suffers through temperatures beyond imagination, the hurdles it has to cross, the hits it had to take to mould and finally shine and glow to glorify the beauty of many things.

Every element in the lap of Mother Nature has to go through the so called “suffering”, which we better call “Purification”.
There is nothing called "suffering" in this world. Every element in this world has to undergo purification to reach the stage where one is being useful for many more and more and more around in the nature and then at the end of the life to liberate themselves, to rest in peace when we leave this planet, to liberate the indomitable human soul, to reach the gates of heaven if one exists. Some people attain this purification very earlier in life, some people take time to attain that state, and some people wait a life-time to get there, but every soul that is born gets there at some point or the other. It has to indeed, that is how cosmic energy designed this universe and its elements.

Take another example, Birth of a Star, it forms from particles of dust, it takes millions of years to grow to a size and start liberating the purity in form of light and energy for other elements of universe. These stars before falling back into the nature, or before dying and exploding shine and shine and finally serve their purpose of giving light to this cosmos.The secrets of creation are many, not understood by many, but we all are subject to the processes involved in creation, we all are just another element, part of this universe, that need to go through the same process of purification like a Star, a Plant, and Gold.

We all are born as human beings with very less intelligence. Babies are pure and innocent; there is no mental process in them. Is there a baby in this world that is not innocent? That is an un-defying fact. But can it serve any one, can it reach another element in nature, Can it be of use to some one. It is like a little plant just sprouting out of a seed. It has a lot do as it grows up. Babies grow up to be Adults, and finally to Old age. Nature has designed these stages to go through what we called “Purification”, not suffering. The interesting part is that once the purification process is done and the human elements that survive this process reach a state of innocence again. Remember last time some one saying “Kids and Old People are very similar”. Yes, humans come innocent and leave innocent. Nature brings every baby into this universe with innocence to serve a purpose by becoming pure and spread the light and finally ripen and fall back into its lap.Every purification process is different, like different metal ores need different levels of temperatures and temperament to undergo purification. We all go through different forms of purification too.

When a human is going through this process of purification there is not much other humans can do, like giving suggestions, advices and teachings. In fact they can only disrupt the process of purification and lead to unwanted results like hatred, anger, frustration and in some severe cases depression and leading to end their lives. This does not serve any purpose.It stops the purification that one has to go through. These advices and lessons from others can only be hurdle for that soul going through purification. The only thing other humans can do as part of this process of purification is to stand up and say “I am there for you”, because in the process of purification, human mind is churned, and the soul undergoes the process of transformation. Provide a support system for the people who are going through purification process. Pat on the back and give them a shoulder to lean on.

Purification process is a self evolving process, the purification has to happen from within, not from outside, not by force, not by repeating some religious chants a million times with thoughts some where else, not by reading a religious text, not by visiting a religious place every day with worries, But, by surrendering ourselves, our egos to the supreme and getting in touch with our souls. By bowing down in front of mother nature and immersing our souls like a metal ore that goes back into the core of the furnace to get purified. The moment we surrender to the Supreme, and just become observers, we attain the state of eternal peace. A prayer with pure love does that. A person who reaches the top of Mount Everest bows kneels down and bows down to the Mother Nature and surrenders everything.

Every human element takes their time, to surrender the ego, the anger, the anxiety, the materialistic views, and the negative thoughts. The moment we do that, we become conscious of everything. The judgment of good and bad, pain and joy disappears. The sense of attachment is lost. We become on with the universe. We start to glow bright as a star, as luminous as Gold and can bear only the sweetest of the sweet fruits like a Tree, for serving the humanity. Then humans realize the purpose of their life, serving the fellow humans with Love, and giving care, spreading peace to everyone and everything in nature.

Isn’t it time to remove the word “Suffer” from Emotional Dictionary? For sure, Nature would give that call when human intelligence crosses limits to destroy themselves. Nature is more powerful than any of the elements that are part of their creation.

Doesn’t the mother know how to handle its kids better, than any one in this world, for there is nothing more powerful in this universe than the Process of Creation and Creator itself, it is self contained, it is self generating and it is self dependent. Our minds are as dangerous, and beautiful as they are.
Let's start using this positive word called “Purification”, rather than a depressing and negative word “Suffering”.

We are all part of a positive evolutionary process. Universe wants all of its elements to grow, shine and give light. We are all the stars of the universe.

At last No Mother ever wants its kids to suffer, it only wants them to get better and better and purer and purer.