Monday, November 06, 2006

Polarities of Life

We all at some point or the other, go through this phase where we are trying to judge, some thing as Good and Bad. We say this person is nice and the other is not nice. We also tend to judge everything around us, beautiful and ugly, tasty and disgusting, fragrant and stinky. But the fact is that Polarities are just the result of human analysis and conclusions, nor do they really exist, nor they are a standard. Go to Japan or some Eastern country, and check the menu, people eat snakes and dogs. Well, for a person going from America or Europe, that might look really nasty, But then, it is just merely a perception of mind. It is just that this person is not used to it and cannot take the smell of it.

We hate the person whom we love, and again we love the person we hate some times.
Judgments are mere superficial perceptions of people's minds.
So, Do Polarities really exist?

The fact is, North and South poles are just mere creations of a Human mind, in reality they do not exist, we defined it for ourselves. Is there a North or South for Universe?
Do we know if Universe has dimensions, like a Square or a circle, or a Rectangle?
All these are our perceptions?

Love and Hatred, North and South, Good and Bad, are two different sides of the same coin. They origin from the same place and they are part if the same thing.

It is like Saddam Hussain was a friend of USA long time back and an enemy now. It is like India and Pakistan were together as one country in the history, but they are in war in recent times. All created by the human mind.

Polarity is a Myth. Universe is the Truth.