Friday, July 27, 2007

Free Will

A simple law that governs this universe "Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction" - This is law of Karma. These actions might not be from this birth too, it might be from previous manifestations. So everything that happens, happened and will happen is based on that. Then people say “Then let me live with no responsibility this moment if it is all Karma”. But that is like digging another grave for the near future with our own hands, It is like shooting our own leg. Because what we do now in this moment, affects the next moment or moments after some time. Yes, what ever happens and happened was based on some previous actions, but what can happen is based on action in this moment. Simple Law of Physics, we do not need Vedanta or some spiritual jnaan for this enlightenment. Even a little kid can reflect on this. But How do we control, the choices we make now, in this moment? That is exactly where the subtle force called 'Free Will' comes into play.

Free Will is the Divine grace for humanity. That is where Mind can be beautiful or ugly. If we can use the mind to turn the Free Will into a nice handy tool, then we make life beautiful to the best extent possible. It can be Ugly if we do not use that Free Will. Beautiful, in the sense, detached to the results, and absorbed in action, living in the moment. Free will is what allows us to make choices as we keep going in life. Apart from Free will, there are other factors that keep influencing us. Many people also tend to say that when there are so many factors that are influencing us that are mysterious, then why do we need to even worry about doing anything? Well, it is almost like saying, I will put the food in my mouth, but let the destiny take care of how it has to come out.
Come on Guys and Gals, we use our free will to do our basic eating, excreting and sleeping activities. Then there is no question in saying “Why use Free Will?”
This Free will is accessible to us, within us. It is freely available. If we are not accessing the Free Will, It simple means that we are ‘Ignorant Lazy Buggers’.

Free Will becomes easily available only when we become aware of ourselves, when we can get in touch with our inner self, when we slow down and watch ourselves.
Infact "Free Will" is none other than, the "Prana" energy that is moving in and out of us. Prana forms the basis of our existence. Everything in this world moves because of Prana.

Prana does not mean just the breath, it means the life force that sustains us. It is like the fuel of a car, Not just the engine, but everything that makes the car run.
If we are not aware of the life force, it causes derailment of a Machine and Man.
Prana is out, we are out. So Prana forms the foundation. The moment focus goes onto Prana, we slowly start realizing Free Will.

We all know that Breath is very important. How much time a person spends in being aware of Prana, that quicker and faster he gets access to Free Will.
Free will is something that allows us to make balanced choices, not emotional choices. Balanced choices do not mean good or bad.
Free Will is something when we use, we make detached choices, so we do not care about the result.
That is when a Man becomes Free Spirit. See the journey, From Free will TO Free Spirit.

But how de we become aware of prana, the answer is simple and straight forward –Yoga and Meditation.
Slowing down and being aware of Prana makes us accessible to Free Will.

So My Dears, Let GO everything. Do you realize that without our control our heart is beating, without our control we are actually reading, without control our eyes are perceiving the meaning of these words and processed inside, Do we have any control any of these things? NO. Same way to think we have control over something external is Maya.
Truth is, we have control only over our inner selves through Free Will/Prana.

Embrace Yoga and meditation, please find a Guru, and surrender to the divine energy flowing in the universe.
Anytime a person complains of life, I ask 2 simple questions: "Did you brush your teeth this morning". YES is the answer usually I get, unless that person really stinks :-)
The next question is "Did you clean your brain/mind today?" NO is the answer 100% of the times.
People expect Life to be beautiful without giving space to the mind and cleaning it. See, How selfish we humans are.
We want everything on the bed nicely arranged. God did create everything for us on this beautiful bed called Earth.
But still we want something else. We are blessed with two great tools, Body and Mind. These two tools are to be used to find our real self and be aware of it in the journey of life.
Use the Free will of Mind and put the body into appropriate actions. Be aware that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That is the true definition of “Law of Karma”. The Definition does not mean that "Yaa, whatever has to happen will happen, so why do anything".

Life is too short to suffer. It is not meant to suffer.

Slow down my dear friends; take time for your inner self. Go for Yoga and Meditation classes, make them part of the life.
First make your inner self stronger and outer world will mean nothing afterwards.