Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who is He

He came back into the world of Light from the dreams of night. It could be his past or present, But now the moment. The dream was an icing on the baking cake of life.
Periods of pain, joy, exhilaration, realization, and many ahaa moments.
But what did they do together, not much. Same fluctuating thoughts, not sure about what is next. Want to do something but unable to do that.
Not that he is not making attempts, but just the feeling of stagnation and suffocation.
Life should be like a river they say, ever flowing, but why is it always here, same work, same people, same food, same clothes, can it get faster, smoother and easier, with no effort? Just like the water is forced to drop from top of a mountain, like a beautiful water fall, becoming a decoration of itself and every passerby says “Wow! What a Life.”

Do not feel like talking to anyone, because every one else seems to come with their own problems and overhead of baggage.
A stream of ‘Whys’ hitting the subtle Mind from all directions, like arrows aimed at an already wounded warrior, who is trying to recuperate.
Why did life turn in so many ways? Why did life create such a havoc? Why so many ups and downs?
Want to write, but cannot write. Want to act, but cannot act. Want to chat, but cannot.
Life feels frozen, passing through the worst of the winters, never like this in the past. Feels like dead end. Is this the arctic of life?
Inspite of the storms of emotions, and the gales of thoughts, he realises that there is a purpose for him.
He knows that he is the lamp in the deadly black cloud. But he is not sure of the purpose.
Many spiritualists say that Mind is the problem. He approves that too. So does he Meditate,

He knows it all. He has read a lot. He had heard words from many a good and great, knocking his own life in different phases, and he had experienced ‘em all.
He has seen the best, and created the worst too. For every rise he fell down and he knows he will rise again.
But Life is at a cross roads. He wants do something meaningful, He knows that meaning needs to be found in what we have and what we do.
He never had passion for what he is doing. It was more of a destiny’s plan. But he is good at whatever he does.
He cannot wait any more and he wants to make a plan now. He wants to do something bigger, beautiful and lead life to its fullest beauty and glory.
He is balanced. He is a perfect balance of yogi and bhogi. He knows one day just like the big bang, the whole formation is going to happen,
a star is about to be born, from the broken heart and charred mind.

All these thoughts came in at once, when he got up from the dream.
He stood and he knows it is another day. He reiterates that it is going to be better.
He is known for his positive energy, he can influence people in very inspiring way. He knows that when he does that it inspires him too.
He accepts everything that comes around. He does not like to Judge, for he knows that there are greater laws of universe that are effective, and the czar of life, is omnipresent.

He acts as if he is always alive and empty, so that he can receive many gifts from heavens. He believes in heaven and not in hell. He believes that Heaven exists in the moment, NOW and rest is Hell.
He has not read everything, but he has insight in to all the things.

He is a beautiful soul, with this thought, he walks through the rooms of life. Washes the past and looks into the mirror of Self. The face of life is beautiful.
No sign of any tiredness, no scars of the past, as fresh as a bud blooming into a flower. Ready to spread the fragrance of love, peace and joy into the universe.
He resolves, and says, “You can do it”, one more day, making a mole of confidence into a mountain.
He knows how to use the hidden energy in the remotest cells to rejuvenate the strength. He is a warrior who fought many battles.
Failures and Success for him is only a numbers game. He knows that Battle with the inner self is the toughest of all.
To bring glory to the soul is the ultimate goal of creation. Realizing himself is a way of life.
People come and become the pages of his life, Friends exists, Foes never last his glow. Friends are for the times to come and times gone.
As he thinks, all the people who walked in his life with and around him, pass like an unedited frame in the editor’s room, shadows of past dancing to the music of organic silent noise.
The noise creeps in now, shaking him from the roots, drawing him into the abyss. He cannot handle it anymore, as he slides down the tunnel of darkness, he asks with a voice so deep, that only he can hear, but very clear, "Who are you?". This Echoed every moment of life in the space of his own creation, and he finally had the strength to face it, to look into the face and simply stare.

He says to himself “Enough is enough” and jumps out in to the world again, wiping himself clean and fresh with the fragrance of self, caressing the corners of the body and glistening in the golden glow of tungsten light of the universe, that served as a shield of protection, in the wars of love and pain.
As he walks out, he looks at the clock, the time is ticking and the moments rolling, as if the seconds needle of the clock needs to catch the missing love of the hours and minutes, not realizing that time is a myth, and what’s gone is gone. “Live in this second”, he asserts himself.

At the final leap into the reality, evolves a moment, as if the hurricane of thoughts vanished into the sky of eternity, As if the heavens of Gods said, "Let's give him a break", a moment of silence dropped as a reward for bearing the will of supreme, just like a dolphin is rewarded after a feat with a small little treat.

The moment whispered to him, “He is you and Me, all that makes up the Thee.”